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A little of this, a little of that: Tips to boost your pet's kibble

To serve, simply pour Bone Broth or Goat Milk (or both!) over their kibble to create a bowl of nutrient-rich puppy cereal!

Why You Should Feed a Balancer - Sumbarb Products

Many horses's pastures do not include the right mixture of minerals and vitamins that are needed to provide a balanced nutrient intake.

The Rules of Feeding - Sumbarb Products

Another reason for feeding little and often relates back to the fact that horses only produce saliva as a direct result of chewing, which means that the amount of saliva produced is proportional to the amount of chewing

Feeding the older horse - Sumbarb Products

This can result in the horse’s hindlegs and tail becoming very messy where it can attract flies and also possibly even causing skin lesions.

The benefits of feeding a High spec joinnt supplement to a horse.

A horse’s joints are subject to considerable wear and tear, having to bear the entire weight of the horse and rider, often under exacting conditions.